How you can see Dr. Film

Dr. Film is not a web-based show. We're aiming it at a small national syndication martket. Contact your favorite content provider and tell them about this web page. Tell them you would like to see Dr. Film and you would like them to carry it. We could imagine it being on Turner Classic Movies, American Movie Classics, Bravo, Independent Film Channel, PBS, and a number of others. We'd welcome startups and web casts if they can afford our modest production costs.

Please be nice! If you send too many messages or use robot emailers, you will only hurt our chances of being picked up. Broadcasters are interested in what you want to see, but they hate junk mail as much as you do.

How to buy Dr. Film

Station managers: Dr. Film is available for purchase now! We have produced one episode, which can be aired as soon as we sign a contract. Additional episodes can be produced per our agreement with payment on delivery. All you need to do is send Dr. Film an email at the address below with your company name and address, and we will send out a dual-layer DVD of the entire first episode for your approval. (If you choose to air the show, episodes can be delivered in any format.)

The idea behind Dr. Film is to provide an entertaining show for a minimum amount of your cash outlay. You get an inexpensive show for a specified number of airings, and we retain copyright and creative control. No meetings, no worries. And you don't have to worry about the feasibility of it, because we've already made one show!

The possibilities are endless, the films out of copyright, and the production work will all be done here. If your network is cable, broadcast, or web-based, then we are interested in hearing from you!

Email Dr. Film here for full package with 96-minute pilot episode!

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