Trivia Challenge

Good Work, Often Unrewarded

1. He played Dracula twice, was in movies with Ginger Rogers, Brigitte Helm, and Louise Brooks, taught acting for years, and never became a star.

2. She was a lovely actress who co-starred with such luminaries as Will Rogers and Bela Lugosi. ╩A big role in a Lowe/McLaglen caper didn't help, although she was quite good. ╩Her slight resemblance to Kay Francis probably didn't help her career, which ended too soon.

3. A versatile actress, she often appeared as maids, but could play anything well. ╩She was in hundreds of films, although she's probably best remembered as The Penguin in The Blues Brothers (1980).

4. This handsome star lost a chance at stardom at Universal because of his drinking. ╩He was good enough to have a long career anyway, although he might still be best remembered for his loony performance in House of Dracula (1945).

5. He was a top Broadway star, but got typecast as fast-talking reporters in the movies. ╩He might be best remembered for his Oscar nomination in a Gore Vidal picture, but many still tell the legend about his lack of discretion on the set of Viva Villa (1934).

6. A star comedian in his own right during the 1920s, this actor was a great second banana, even though he was almost always ignored for his work. ╩He appeared with The Three Stooges, WC Fields, Buster Keaton, Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, Olesen & Johnson, Bob Hope, El Brendel, and Charley Chase.

7. One of the greatest supporting players of all time, this actor was also a capable leading man when given the chance. ╩One of his few leading roles was in a film written and directed by the team of Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. ╩His voice alone was enough to carry another lead role.

8. Kittenish and cute, she came to the US from France with much hoopla, only to return a couple of years later. ╩When WWII started, she came back to the US, where she never regained stardom, unless you count a couple of unforgettable Val Lewton B pictures.

9. A solid if stoic actor, he was in movies for years before he caught on in a couple of Universal science fiction films from the 50s. ╩Still, he may be best remembered today (at least by boomers) for his appearances in educational TV films made by Frank Capra.

10. This German actor appeared in about 230 films. ╩He was so gifted that that he was always in demand for character work, even though many of his roles were uncredited. ╩He may be best remembered today for a large supporting role in King Kong (1933).

Hall of Fame:
John Ritzert (early color processes)
Jenny Paxson (film preservationists)
John Ritzert (famous filmic seconds)

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